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Tree Pruning Services

We provide trusted and reliable tree pruning services in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Tree pruning helps maintain the shape of the tree, while working to let more light through to areas of the tree that need to grow.

Why Tree Pruning?

Our tree pruning services help maintain the health of your trees and help them flourish. Whether it’s for your home or commercial premises, tree pruning is needed to ensure that your trees are in the best condition possible. 


Thanks to our 15+ years of experience in a number of different tree surgery services, we’re able to expertly assess your trees, in order to help prolong their lifespan down the line. Tree pruning improves the structure of your tees, removes dead or defective branches, and reduce the damage caused by strong winds or excess weight.


We’re trusted tree surgeons who are dedicated, reliable tree specialists who work hard to provide the best tree pruning services available to customers across Edinburgh.  


“Chris pruned our cherry tree and we were very pleased with his work. We had another tree surgeon prune it earlier and he left the tree crown looking completely out of proportion. Chris managed to restore the crown to a more rounded and balanced look! He is very professional and polite and took time to answer all my questions about the tree. I would not hesitate to recommend him.” ~ JK

Get in Touch

To get advice about our tree pruning services, or book a visit from our professional and highly skilled tree surgeons in Edinburgh. 


Chris: 07984191526 / Clarke: 07534904068

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